Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society is an an organization dedicated to exploration and discovery. Its members a scholars, explorers, adventurers, gave robbers, scoundrels, soldiers of fortune, story tellers, and dungeon delvers. They have a myriad of motivations, both fair and foul. Those who make great discoveries, and survive, may have their adventures published in the Pathfinder Chronicles. This publication is devoured around the Inner Sea and beyond, often inspiring the next generation of explorers.

Absolom, the City at the Center of the World, is where the Grand Lodge is located. It is there that the mysterious Decemvirate presides over the Society and charts its course. Initiates arrive there in hopes of being accepted. Those that pass the tests and study hard will be elevated full pathfinder status and gifted a wayfinder. Venture-captains direct groups of agents within their assigned regions and report back to the Decemvirate.

The pathfinders are a loose organization in both structure and rules. Agents are expected to be able to conduct buisness on their own and in their own manner. They do have three important rules however.

  1. Cooperation: Field agents are expected to work together and lend aid to each other, or at the very least not interfere with each other’s work.
  2. Explore: The most important goal of the Pathfinder Society is to explore. Agents are expected to leave no stone unturned and not to give up just because a challenge is hard.
  3. Report: Field Agents are expected to report all of their findings to their venture-captains who in turn report to the Decemvirate who decide what to do with the information.

Pathfinder Society

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