Pathfinder: Thornkeep

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Welcome to Thornkeep

Aatria was nearly to Thornkeep when the bandit jumped her. She naively tried to talk her way out of the situation, but the bandit would have none of it. He attacked her, slashing her arm and stabbing her in the side. After she had passed out he took all of her belongings and left her for dead on the road.

It was several hours later when Vgier saw her laying there. At first he suspected a trap and was wary. After realizing she was just a girl dying in the road he resigned himself to an fit of altruism and dragged her the rest of the way to Thornkeep. He bought them a room at the Greenbriar Inn for the night. A local priest, Brother Eldrast saw to her and made sure she would live to morning.

The next day, Vgier met his contact Jargon in the common room. Jargon asked to see the girl and cast a healing spell on her. She awoke and revealed that she too was a Pathfinder. Jargon was none to pleased that one of the people sent to him was naieve and showed little promise. However, he explained the nature of their work in Thornkeep and set them to work gathering information.

Vgier was assaulted by rock throwing goblins as he went to the Goldenfire Order for information. The leader asked him to keep an eye out for two of her missing wizards. She also let him glimpse a scrap of a scroll concerning the Accursed Halls.

The flighty Aatria visited Hap Thistledown to windowshop for cloths and ask a few questions. She gained little beyond rumors. However, at the Blue Basilisks she learned of the reward for news about Lord Silvercrown’s missing son. All of this left them with hints, but nothing defenative.

That evening, Aatria tried to earn some money dancing. After the show she talked with a few patrons, including a man whose son liked to follow the goblins around. She learned of his wild stories and thought they might hold the information they needed.

The next day, while Vgier and Jargon researched, she went to see Romaro Dundaban. The boy told her about seeing the goblins uncovering the entrance to a cave at the base of the cliff. She told the others and they decided that was the best place to start.

Luck turned their way when another pathfinder, Vengar, arrived. Jargon told them that the three of them should investigate, but to be careful.


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